Venice Pass

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Venice is your oyster with this convenient all-in-one Venice Pass. Cover all your Venice essentials with entry to the amazingly popular St. Mark’s Basilica, the majestic Doge’s Palace, and a classic gondola ride on the Venetian canals.

The Venice Pass also includes a downloadable Venice audio tour that explores the differences between past and present Venice.

Plus, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on all further tickets in Venice.

St. Mark’s Basilica: Skip The Line With Terrace & Pala D’Oro Access

Housing the relics of Saint Mark, the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark’s Basilica) has become a symbol of Venice that’s known around the world. Built by the Venetians in 820 AD and consecrated in 832 AD, it lost its original form due to a serious fire in the early 900s. The Basilica as it’s known today took shape in 1063 AD, thanks to the Doge Domenico Contarini and his successors. The Venice Pass grants you the exclusive opportunity to enter and explore St. Mark’s Basilica on your own without a guided tour group.

Behind the main altar you can admire the Pala d’Oro, the only example in the world of considerably sized, intact Gothic goldsmithing. This refined work of Byzantine enamel – measuring 3.34 meters wide and 2.12 meters high – is divided into two main parts, one lower and one upper. The altar is composed of about 250 cloisonnés enamels on gilded silver foil and is decorated with 1927 precious stones and gems. The relics of St. Mark, ornate mosaics, and majestic design elements have helped cement the sacred building as the main architectural marvel of Venice.

Discover Venice: Past and Present Virtual Tour

This guided tour is downloadable straight to your phone. As you explore Venice, open your app at key locations like Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Square to see the differences between past and present.

The history of Venice is packed with fascinating tales and during this virtual tour through time, you’ll discover the city both as it stands today and as it was hundreds of years ago. Get ready to transport yourself back to St Mark’s Square as it was in the Middle Ages and learn how the original Rialto Bridge was a drawbridge made of wood!

Welcome To Venice Self-Guided Audio Tour

Separate from the virtual tour, this audio tour offers several different routes to follow, and is narrated by a local historian. Discover the beautiful history of La Serenissima (meaning the Most Serene), get a deeper understanding of this former trading area of no roads, no cars, well over 400 bridges and at least 150 canals. It’ll give you a fascinating look at old versus new, all around you.

Walk through the mesmerizing Palazzo Ducale, learn about the Basilica di San Marco and stroll around the Rialto Bridge. Browse the charming Mercato di Rialto, admire the oldest church in Venice in Campo San Giacomo, and visit plenty of other captivating sites that have stood the test of time.

Classic Gondola Ride

No visit to Venice would be complete without experiencing a floating tour of the city’s storied canals on a traditional gondola. Sit back and feel your worries melt away as your trusty gondolier expertly navigates the maze of waterways, before you emerge into the central Grand Canal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!